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Energy Through a Convex Lens

In Peter’s 2013 TEDxCalgary talk, he reflects on the future of the oil and gas industry by looking back on the candle industry.

The Rocket Man: Max Valier

Before there was Musk, there was Valier. Watch footage of Max Valier’s rocket-powered trials — of cars, sleds and planes — in the 1920s.

Incentivizing Innovation

Musk’s $100 million prize for carbon-removal technologies is sure to accelerate innovation in this space.

Canada’s Hydrogen Strategy

A University of Ottawa panel explored hydrogen’s future in Canada. Read Peter’s remarks and watch the full panel.

A Backbreaking Business

This 1930s footage shows the effort that went into the business of keeping food cool before refrigeration.

Welcome to Energyphile

When a book publisher told Peter, “Nobody reads the stuff in the middle,” the seeds of Energyphile were planted.