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Lessons for the Transition to Net Zero

By November 3, 2022 2 Comments

In our journey to net zero by 2050, what bags do we need to pack, what conditions must be in place if we want to make a soft landing at this green future?

In his September 2022 Energy Disruptors keynote presentation, Peter Tertzakian looks back to the 1990s to reveal the conditions required for successful transitions. Remember CDs? Paper maps? Dial-up? They’ve all been replaced, and often in ways we may not have imagined at the time. So when we think about what that green future looks like in 28 years, is what we envision going to be the reality? Probably not.

Peter examines the three principles required for a successful energy transition:

  • New tech must have equal or better utility.
  • Cost to consumers must be cheaper.
  • All suppliers must make money at it.

The conditions are all there, he believes. We have the technology and we’re ready for takeoff. But now it’s up to us. Watch Peter’s presentation and his rallying cry for our energy future.

A no-brainer of a transition

Ford’s Model T is an excellent example of an innovation that met all three principles, making it a no-brainer for replacing the horse and buggy. It also satisfied that more elusive criterion: human need. Read The Great Aha to see why the Model T enjoyed such swift and widespread adoption.

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  • ALLAN ROWDEN BSc.Eng. says:

    Good day, Do you had any questions wrt to the use of technology that can eliminate landfills and use all forms of MSW to assist with the efficient increase of our energy, to produce clean alternative fuels, Do wonder why we cannot invest in our future to benefit our grandchildren’s grandchidren’s grandchildren . . .

  • Yes, I’ve been exploring various landfill options for 40 years. During one stint with a VC/Angel investment group, we were looking for “technology.” that could make a dent.
    We’d narrowed it down from 124 to 5 technologies that looked hopeful.
    We explored biomass and pyrolysis but finally came down to the kicker. To get a clean enough burn to meet environmental hurdles, we could only expect to utilize one material that could be ground down to pulverized coal particles.
    The reality of disposing or consuming MSW is to realize that MSW stands for Mystery Substance Waste.
    I don’t use the word “impossible” very often, but occasionally physics dominates.
    The dream of useful disposal of MSW is only something used to scam investor money. Even the most honest and well-intentioned people have been brought to their knees or lower by thinking it’s as simple as burning trash.

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