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Beam Us Up, Tesla

A New Zealand startup is hoping to realize Nikola Tesla’s century-old dream of wireless power transmission.

Energy Déjà Vu

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the dream of cheap, clean, safe and secure energy is once again disrupted.

Growing Canada’s Hydrogen Market

With new energy systems, it’s a “which comes first” dilemma — infrastructure or customers? A proposed hydrogen plant may have an answer.

Energy Through a Convex Lens

In Peter’s 2013 TEDxCalgary talk, he reflects on the future of the oil and gas industry by looking back on the candle industry.

Canada’s Hydrogen Strategy

A University of Ottawa panel explored hydrogen’s future in Canada. Read Peter’s remarks and watch the full panel.

Playing Catch-up

To sustain ever-decreasing costs of renewable energy, the old economy must catch up with the new.

Welcome to Energyphile

When a book publisher told Peter, “Nobody reads the stuff in the middle,” the seeds of Energyphile were planted.