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Big Bucks and Business in the Energy Transition

By April 22, 2021 No Comments

Remember that old song “Money Makes the World Go ’Round”? In this episode of Disruption: How We Find Energy, Create Energy and Use Energy, we explore how money makes the business of energy — oil and gas, and green tech — go ’round.

Peter and CBC business journalist Tony Seskus talk to people who make decisions about investments and spending, and learn how different strategies can drive technological innovation, create jobs and open new opportunities for individuals as we move toward a net zero industry. Guests are Kevin Neveu, President and CEO of Precision Drilling, and Jason Switzer, ED of the Alberta Clean Technology Industry Alliance.

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Detail from a 1915 photograph of an oil rig in Waterton, showing a car with three passengers and another standing beside it

Century-old investment lessons

This episode’s inspiration is “The Investor Visit,” a story based on a 1915 photo of an ill-fated oil rig in the Waterton, Alberta region. The story imagines that the well-dressed group who’s arrived by car to the site includes Graeme, a savvy investor come to check on his investment. To his disappointment, the operation isn’t up to snuff. The investment lessons he imparts are as valid today as they were then.

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