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The Next Generation

By May 20, 2021 No Comments

So what does the next generation have to say about energy? In this fifth episode of Disruption: How We Find Energy, Create Energy and Use Energy, we explore how young Albertans studying energy see its future — from green technology to traditional oil and gas.

They share what attracted them to the industry, how their education has prepared them and how their internships are providing real-world experience. They also talk about how energy conversations — with both their peers and older generations — are changing and what they think the future holds for their own careers and the industry in general.

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Once upon a time …

The inspiration for this episode was Once Upon a Time, a story about the importance of the stories we tell our children.

Classic children’s books like these three have been mainstays of bedtime stories for decades. But they also contain parables about energy and the environment, lessons that are absorbed by the next generation of energy consumers and producers, influencing their worldview and shaping what we hope is a happily-ever-after energy future.

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